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Independent Advice

Why is it important to get independent advice on your health insurance?

Children Playing in Poole ParkThere are many different health insurance packages available and understanding which one is best for you can be difficult.

Taking out the right health insurance policy is important to make sure you are not:

Paying too much

Paying for benefits you don’t need

Missing out on cover – once you’ve taken out a policy there is nothing worse than finding out you’re not covered for the very things you need

Missing out on cover for new technologies – medicine is continually changing and there are new treatments developing all the time. Ensure your policy covers you for the most up-to-date treatments

UK Health Insurance is a specialist broker offering independent and impartial advice on health insurance. Call us now on 0800 999 8 999 to find out more.

Our Free Check-up

We will:

  • Review your options, not just automatically renew: Specialist knowledge is key to getting the right deal – we will review what’s out there for you.
  • Investigate the ‘no claims discount’: No claims discounts can be excellent, but they are not right for everyone. We will advise you on the right policy for your situation.
  • Look at all the options: Whilst fully comprehensive policies may have been the main option in the past, newer modular policies allow you to pick and choose what types of cover you need.
  • Consider a wide range of insurers: Our review recognises that your specific needs might be better met by one of the smaller specialist providers not just the major household names.

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