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Why review your existing health insurance policy?

If you already have private medical insurance, you know the peace of mind it offers.

But the market is constantly changing with specialist medical insurance companies offering a whole range of new policies that might be more comprehensive or affordable. You may not know whether better policies have come onto the market, or whether the policy you have actually covers you for new treatments or the types of treatment centres you would like.  By reviewing your policy we can search the marketplace for alternatives at a price to suit your personal budget. 

You are an individual and your health cover should be as individual as you are.

As life changes, so should your health insurance cover. At certain times in your life, fully comprehensive cover may suit your needs. At other times, perhaps when you are working part-time, a policy with slighlty lower levels of cover or a higher excess but a lower premium may be more appropriate for you.

If you are worried about ‘switching’ health insurance providers, talk to us - it may not be necessary to change provider, you may just need to change plans. But if you want to change providers, it might be easier than you think. In many cases, we can even change your insurance provider with no loss of cover whilst keeping the same underwriting terms, giving you more benefits for less money. 

How we can help...

UK Health Insurance can give you a free health insurance check-up.

We advise all clients of the importance of reviewing their policies and as your life, job or family situation changes, your private medical insurance should be reviewed too.
We can:
  • Review your existing policy
  • Look at other more suitable options as your life, job and family situation changes
  • Check whether the policy you have is the most cost-effective
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