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If you do not have a private medical insurance policy at the moment, our expert advisers can talk through the different options with you to help you find a policy that is tailored to your needs and budget. We will explain everything in plain language and answer any questions you have - with us you are always in control.

Why should I consider a health insurance policy?

The NHS offers a fantastic service, but it cannot always meet the needs of the increasing UK population, especially given recent decreases in funding. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to private medical insurance.

Reasons often include worries about waiting times, fears over infection rates and MRSA, as well as simply wanting a larger choice of hospitals/ treatment centres with comfortable surroundings to recover in.

At UK Health Insurance, we offer impartial, independent advice.

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Your health, your choices

Depending on your cover, private medical insurance can give you a choice of:

  • WHEN: Private healthcare can be a gateway to fast access to treatment
  • WHERE: Choose where you want to be treated
  • WHEN: Choose when you would like to be treated
  • WHO: Choose your consultant or specialist
  • WHAT: Find treatments that may not be available on the NHS

If you need to stay in hospital you will find comfortable and ‘home-like’ surroundings usually with an en-suite bathroom, meal options and fewer restrictions on visits from friends and family.

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