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Business Health Insurance

From one-man businesses to large corporations, we can help you find the right private medical insurance plan for your company’s needs.

Woman on Computer / Business Health Insurance Private medical insurance (PMI) is increasingly seen as one of the most highly valued employee benefits^ and can often be included as part of the employee’s employment or remuneration package to help recruit and retain skilled staff.

Employees are key to the health of an organisation and a company’s most important asset, but when employees are sick, the costs of absenteeism can be significant. Private health insurance can help get employees back to work quickly following illness or injury by giving them fast access to treatment and healthcare, thus improving their morale and loyalty.

Small & medium business health insurance

In a small business, each employee is an important resource - when one or more members of your staff are off work because of illness, the workload and productivity of the business is affected. A private health insurance plan provides reassurance in knowing your employees can be treated quickly. Read more about SME health insurance.

Self-employed health insurance

When you work for yourself, you are your business and protecting your health is crucial for your finances. Private medical insurance offers you a safety net in case you fall ill by picking up your medical bills and helping you get fast access to private healthcare. Find out more about self-employed health insurance.

Corporate health insurance

Company health insurance is one of the most sought-after employee benefits in large companies and corporations^. Keep up with the competition and attract and retain skilled staff with corporate private medical insurance. Find out more about corporate health insurance.

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How a company health insurance plan can help

A suitable business health insurance plan could deliver measurable benefits including:

  • A decrease in sickness absence
  • Increased productivity
  • A reduction in employee turnover recruitment costs
  • An increase in employee morale and motivation


How to find the right business health insurance cover

Whether you are new to business health insurance or are looking to review your current group health insurance plan, our expert insurance advisers are here to help you find the right health cover for your business and your staff. We can provide you with a health insurance check-up by:

  • Reviewing your current policy so you can be sure it reflects your needs. Read more about switching your health insurance.
  • Searching all specialist health insurance providers to make sure you are getting the best value for money.
  • Negotiating with your current insurer on your behalf to save you time and hassle.
  • Assisting you with any queries you have about your health cover.
  • Providing clear advice and recommendations to enable you to make informed choices.


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Business health insurance FAQs:

Are there any limitations to what is covered by a business health insurance plan?

The level of cover you choose will determine what limits are applied to your policy, and these can vary depending on your plan and provider. Some of the general exclusions that most policies have, include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Chronic illnesses
  • A&E treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Injuries related to high-risk activities including and not limited to your area of business (i.e. construction worker)

What are the benefits of business health insurance?

Private health insurance can provide faster and more convenient access to private healthcare, helping individuals get treated quicker, and helping you, the employer, save money on sick days and retain and attract your valuable employees.

How much does business health insurance cost?

The cost of your business health insurance will depend on several factors, including:

  • The size of the group
  • Employees’ ages
  • Level of cover
  • Underwriting method
  • Whether or not an excess has been applied
  • The chosen hospital list
  • The location of your employees (with some insurers)

If you want to know how much your business health insurance policy could cost, get in touch (link) and we will provide you with a free, non-obligatory quote tailored to your company.

How do I find the right health cover for my business?

With so many options available on the market, comparing and choosing the right cover for your business could be daunting and time-consuming. To ensure you are paying for the right scheme, a specialist health insurance broker can help you find the best deals. Here at UK Health Insurance, we can find solutions for any type of business client, from small businesses to large, corporate groups, and we can give you clear and expert advice.

Can I get business health insurance only for 2 employees?

Yes, most small business health insurance plans start from 2 members upwards.
Even if your business has only 2 employees, we can find a health insurance plan to fit your situation. Find out more about small business health insurance.

Can I get health insurance for large companies?

Yes, there are many health insurance solutions available on the market for corporate or large businesses. Most insurance providers will allow for a highly personalised plan for a large group to make sure it fits your business needs and your staff’s healthcare requirements. Read more about corporate health insurance.

Can I cover only some of my employees?

Yes, if you would like to provide cover for just some of your employees, for example, your managers or directors, we can find a plan that meets your requirements. Many business health insurance providers are usually flexible, and you could also add eligibility conditions such as: time of service, level of seniority or other conditions before someone is added to the company scheme.

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